[guest bloggers]

Do you have a blog that you’d like to share? Want to expand your audience? This is your chance! Here are some guidelines to follow.

– you must be male or female.

– you must know how to spell or use spell check.

– you must have something to type your blog posts into unless you have one of those voice to text thingamajiggies that does all the work for you.

Here are a couple more things…

– You must love God.

– You must make an attempt to provide a title for your blog. If you don’t then I have to.

– your topic can be anything you want it to be. (a testimony, devotional, life experience or even wresting a bear.)

– please utilize original work. you may post the blog anywhere as long as it is linked to my website.

– submit posts through this contact page. I will review it ASAP and let you know when it will be posted.

– everything you receive will be from God and he will bless you.



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