blogmatics (july 2014)

Fellow Peeps,

Whazzup? A quick update for everyone, I’ve been without a computer and will continue to not have one for a little while longer. Blogs  are being posted via my tablet, which I am learning is not the most effective method.  Life goes on…

The blog is finally returning to the once a week format. I’ve been blessed to keep it running with guest writers and contributers for two months! That, my friends, is awesome.  I am thankful for those who helped out.

[I Love the Church]

Praxis Church will be hosting a free community movie night on August 22nd at 7 PM. This event will show The Lego Movie and feature prizes and games.

If you live in or near the Keene,  NH area check it out. please check out their website for more info.


[Ten Quotes]

1. A sinning man will stop praying and a praying man will stop sinning.

2. The world is not waiting for a new definition of the Gospel,  but for a new demonstration of the power of the Gospel.

3. The true church is born from above; in it there are no sinners and outside it there are no saints.

4. God does not want partnership with us but ownership of us.

5. God’s purpose for us is not TV happiness but holiness.

6. Ponder this: God has nothing more to give to this world.

7. Prayer is as vast as God because he is the one behind it.

8. That which is born in no prayer will survive the test.

9. The miracle of conversation takes place at the cross but the miracle of identification takes place on the cross. (Paraphrase)

10. To be much for God we must be much with God.

All quotes taken from, Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill (Bethany House, Minneapolis, MI. 1959)


[Prayer Line]

Please pray for Liberty University.

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