it’s my job as a christian to tell you that you don’t have a job as a christian


I. Semantics Matter|

Semantics do matter. That might sound strange to some but it’s truth. Semantics really do matter. What we say and how we say things matter. Over the course of my life I’ve heard this phrase thrown out, “it’s my job as a christian…”

I’ve thought about that as of late because I’m someone who puts a lot of weight of semantics. I know this may seem silly but let’s be honest with one another. Do we really view Christianity as a job?

If the answer is No, then let’s skip over the phrase and throw it out. It really doesn’t belong in a believers vocabulary.  If however, the answer is Yes, then I think its appropriate to make the announcement

“You don’t have a job as a christian.”

If Christianity is a job then we should expect the following|

1. Part or full time status.

2. Time off (such as weekends, vacation, personal and sick leave.)

3. The option of calling out and or skipping work.

4. Payment for doing our job.

5. Advancement.

6. The possibility of being fired or let go.

Here’s some reality for us all. Some Christians actually live this out. Sometimes I have been guilty of being like this. Sometimes we live our lives in the sense that being a Christian is a job. We’ll go to church and bible study.  The rest of our lives are separate from Christianity. Others however, are workaholics and never stop to rest.

Sometimes we can live wanting a break or time off from everything the bible commands us to do. We can also want and seek recognition for doing a good job. Maybe we witnessed to our coworkers or invited friends to church. Perhaps we stepped up in our tithes and offerings.

There are also times we expect advancement. As an honest confession, I’ve struggled dealing with not being in a pastoral position. Sometimes this comes when I compare myself to those who I know should consider how they pastor and lead. God’s reminded me lately that…

1. Its not about me, its about Jesus.

2. I need Jesus, not recognition.

3. God has work to do in my life. There areas of struggle, doubt and insecurity that need to dealt with. Character is a priority.

4. God also must prepare the church. The people need to be ready as well.

Finally, there are Christians living under the fear of a vengeful God who will fire them for not getting the job done. Here’s a newsflash, everything we need to do Jesus already accomplished. Obedience is the response to what Christ has already done.

That being said, its my job as a Christian to tell you that you

 don’t have a job as a Christian!

II. Doctrine Matters

1. As a believer, you have an identity. ( Gal. 2:20, 1 Peter 2:10)

2. As a believer, you have a new nature. ( 2 Cor. 5:17, Eph. 4:24)

3. As a believer, you have a calling. (1 Peter 2:9, 2 Tim. 1:9)


It’s my job as a christian| written by Mike Monica


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