blogmatics (june 2014)

Greetings (fellow bloggers, followers, blog readers, visitors, and everyone else who accidently typed in the wrong web address and landed on this website,)

If this is your first time here, Blogmatics, is a monthly newsletter of sorts. In this post, I share a few things about what is going on in my life which is often pretty uneventful. There are a number of things I share but I keep it short. So please sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy Blogmatics June 2014!




New Blog Series, Who is Jesus, will be kicking off! I was BLOWN AWAY by the response I received when I discussed my hope for this series. During this series, a number of devotional blogs will discuss the nature of Christ’s identity and our identity in Him! If you’re not excited about that, maybe you should be.


A huge shout out to those of you who stepped up and contributed to the blog this past month! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


In exciting news, Echo Christ Blog is now a TEAM! Yep, that’s right! I will remain the lead blogger for this site but joining the team are fellow bloggers, Jaime Meeks ( and Landon Decrastos ( It is exciting that we will share our stories together!


If you have visited the website recently, there are some changes.

–     “About Us” If you want to get to know the Echo Team a little more.

–     “Guest Bloggers” If you are interested in writing a post for Echo Blog that’s where you go.

–     “Prayer Line” The Echo Team is a praying team. If you need prayer for anything, please let us know!

–     “Got Questions” If you have any questions about the Christian faith, Jesus, etc visit that tab.

–     “Online Bible” I (Mike) serve on the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. If you ever need to use a Bible, there is a link for that here.



Attention Facebook users!!

We have officially launched a Facebook page! I highly encourage you to “like” that page as the blogs will appear there as well as exclusive news, updates and videos that pertain to the blog will be shown there. You can visit the page here:

[Top Ten Quotes]

  1. Discipleship is not a program; it is a lifelong commitment to a lifestyle.
  2. Professing allegiance to a cause is one thing; proving your allegiance through actions that are consistent with the core beliefs and practices of the cause is something else.
  3. You cannot pass faith on to others if you are not living it.
  4. True discipleship demands that an individual strive to live in harmony with God’s law and commands.
  5. The purpose of discipleship is to help Christians become transformed individuals who imitate Christ daily.
  6. The strength and influence of the church is wholly dependent upon its commitment to true discipleship.
  7. Discipleship occurs when there is an intentional and strategic thrust to facilitate spiritual maturity.
  8. Discipleship matters because Jesus modeled it and commanded it, it is necessary for the church to become healthy and productive, because we cannot reach our potential without spiritual growth and we cannot influence the world unless we can demonstrate faith-based transformation.
  9. Jesus was unequivocal about the importance of living differently as a result of faith in him.
  10. Discipleship is about passion to reach our full potential in Jesus Christ.

All quotes taken from Growing True Disciples by George Barna (Waterbook Press, Colorado Spring, CO: 2001)

[Blog Review]

The Top Viewed Blog of June 2014| 7 Reasons Why I am not a Christian|


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[Prayer Request]

Please pray for The Soulfest. View their page here:

“The purpose of Soulfest is to celebrate God’s love and encourage all who attend to live from the inside out as a soul-connected risk-taking believer in God’s love.”


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