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Hey everyone,

First off, I want to say, once again, THANK YOU to everyone who has continually read through, critiqued, commented and even shared my blog with others! Thank you also to those who no longer read the blog and can’t stand it. (I have a place in my heart for haters too!)

The journey blogging has brought me through has been long, sometimes difficult and challenging and yet it has its own rewards! With every journey you take, there comes a time when detours become inevitable. I’m at one of those detours right now and I am going to be off for about 2 weeks.

I want everyone to know up front that there are a number of guest posts that will appear during my absence and the blog will return to a once a week format (Blogs will appear Thursdays).

At some point in time either this week or next, I will have the pleasure of having a guest post I wrote on another blog. I’m excited about it and I hope you all get the opportunity to check it out! Other than that, I hope you all enjoy the May 2014 edition of Blogmatics. (FYI, Blogmatics is a completely made up word!)




[Finish This Blog: The Response]

Earlier in the month, I posted a blog entitled; Finish This Blog, in which I asked the readers to respond to this question, “Why am I a Christian?” Here are some of the responses to that…

  • Steven writes, “It is because Jesus died for me.”
  • Mary writes, “The forgiveness, sacrifice, healing power, and love of Jesus Christ redeemed me and my broken relationship with God, and I pray to be eternally thankful!”
  • Chuck writes, “It’s because God chose me from the beginning of creation to be his child.”
  • Sandra writes, “Because no one can love me like Him (Jesus)!”
  • Jamie Writes, “He saved my life both figuratively and literally. Because He is the only one who loves well. Because when I learn more about Him my heart beats a little faster and I get all excited. Because I know Him and because He first loved me I am able to love Him.”


[Top Ten Quotes]

  1. The Gospel is not only the most important message in all of history; it is the only essential message in history.
  2. The first and most important thing you can do-always-is simply to make sure the gospel is at the very center of your life.
  3. We never move on from the cross, only into a more profound understanding of the cross.
  4. For me, grace is never more amazing than when I’m looking intensely at the cross.
  5. By the finished work of Jesus on the cross, I’ve been forgiven of the countless sins I’ve committed.
  6. On the cross the Servant suffered for sinners like you and me, because of sinners like you and me-and as the substitute for sinners like you and me.
  7. When we think of Christ’s dying on the cross we are shown the lengths to which God’s love goes in order to win us back to himself.
  8. The glory of the Gospel is this: The one from whom we need to be saved is the one who has saved us.
  9. Justification is being declared righteous, sanctification is being made righteous; Justification is our position before God, sanctification is our practice before God; Justification is immediate and complete, sanctification is progressive; Justification is objective (what Christ did for us), sanctification is subjective (Christ’s work in us).
  10. To live out the cross centered life, memorize the gospel, pray the gospel, review the gospel, sing the gospel and study the gospel.

All Quotes taken from C.J Mahaney Living the Cross Centered Life (Colorado Springs, CO: Multnomah Books, 2006)

[Blog Review]

The Top Viewed Blog this month is, “The End of God.” You can view it here:



A blog I have read which really inspired me this past month. This is a bonus because I have two this month. (I really couldn’t decide between the two because they were both equally good in their own rights.)




[Echo: Prayer]

Please pray for Teen Mania ministries. From their website, “Teen Mania Ministries is one of the largest Christian youth ministry organizations in the United States and is headquartered in Garden Valley, Texas.”

You can view their website here:

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