blogmatics (april 2014)

Well, I’d like to first say thank you to everyone who continues to read through, comment, and share these blogs through social media!

All glory goes to the Father in heaven! I can’t thank him enough for giving me this platform!

Special thanks are in order to all of the guest bloggers who have written posts for me. Thank you so much!!

After six long months of blogging, here are my Top Ten Blogs. (Blogs were ranked based off most views of all time. If you missed one of these, I encourage you to read them.)

  1. Beyond the Walls


  1. Jesus Changed My Life, Danielle’s Story


  1. I Don’t Believe in God Anymore


  1. Dear Single Mom


  1. If I Could Change One Thing About Myself


  1. Jesus Is My Hero


  1. Go//Serve//Love


  1. In the Aftermath of (dis)grace


  1. What Are You Afraid Of? (Tie)


Seven Characteristics of a Godly Woman (Tie)


10. My Secret

**Book of the Month (Top Ten Quotes)**

  1. For God pronounces a judgment on those who trust his Son. What is that judgment? They are declared righteous. In short, they are regarded by the Father as though they possessed all that Christ did and suffered. (Paraphrased)
  2. It is not great faith that saves; it is faith in a great Savior.
  3. Once saved always saved means that being saved is an unchangeable position. It is an irrevocable gift from God.
  4. The gospel on which ‘once saved always saved’ rests is by grace, through faith alone.
  5. The gospel is not merely ‘Christ died for you’ but believe that he died for you.
  6. In a word: grace is offered to all on the condition of faith confessed but no condition follows such faith.
  7. Believing in the doctrine of eternally security is not what makes you eternally secure-it is the gospel that promises it.
  8. If Christ’s sinless life and death on the cross did not secure our eternal salvation, then, presumably, we must fill in the gap with good works.
  9. The good news is that Christ alone, in and by himself, satisfied God’s eternal justice. All that is required of us is faith. Nothing more. That is the only reason we can affirm once saved, always saved.
  10. Things are never the same again once you believe in your heart that nothing, absolutely nothing, can sever you from God once you are saved.

All quotes taken from Once Saved, Always Saved by R.T Kendall (Crossbooks Publishing: Bloomington, IN, 2013)


**Finally, please pray for I Am Second. This is an organization (movement) that seeks to inspire people of all backgrounds to live for God. Check out their website here:



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