building a better me (part one)

“For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers;” (Rom. 1:9)

I have a crazy stressful job most of the time. It gets to the point where I have to stop and pray and ask God to show me if I should keep going on. You see, most of the time it is simply that I don’t know if I am making any kind of an impact. Each time I’ve prayed that prayer, God has answered me and shown me how I am making an impact and has blessed me.

I’ve stated that I’ve been facing a physical issue the past few weeks but what I failed to mention was that this physical problem came right after another prayer. This prayer wasn’t about whether I was doing a good job, making an impact but rather focused on my service there. I asked God to make me a better servant.

Then, of course, I faced my physical issue which I began to immediately question because it in fact limits what I can do at my job. For the first few days I began asking God why I am facing the issue because of the limitations.

As I made my way through this trying time (which I am still facing) God simply began pressing on my heart. I felt as if he was asking me if I could no longer physically help these people, could I continue to serve them. I responded by saying, “Yes, I can pray for them!”

I was challenged then and there to pray for those I serve. I’m not saying that I haven’t ever prayed but it has become something I don’t do as often. To be a better servant, I want to begin here-to become someone who serves others through prayer.

I want to pray for those I serve whether it is in the work force or those I have the honor of serving in ministry. I want, like Paul, to be committed to prayer and to be unceasing in prayer. God is building a better me and I want to give God everything. I begin with this simple prayer of thank-for allowing me to be part of his kingdom and allowing me to serve, event the least of these.


Scripture Reference

Rom. 1:9


One thought on “building a better me (part one)

  1. A similar instance happened to me. I had just written a guest article on maintaining godly character and the very same day I ordered lunch from a new establishment. I was first told it would take an hour for delivery after it was already 15 minutes and not to mention I only have a 30 min lunch. Long story short I never got my food but the owner apologized and gave me free food the following work day and it was not so good. I pray you overcome gracefully and even more spiritually stronger.

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