devotional 02-14-2014

Echo the Story

The Everlasting Righteousness by Horatius Bonar

  1. With a weak faith and a fearful heart many a sinner stands before the altar. But it is no the strength of his faith, but the perfection of the Sacrifice.
  2. In one sense I am still a poor sinner, once under wrath; in another I am altogether righteous, and shall be so forever…
  3. The resurrection was the Father’s response to the cry from the cross, “It is finished.”
  4. Our own self has disappeared; and instead there is Christ, the Beloved Son in whom God is well pleased.
  5. God’s processes are not always rapid. His Greatest works rise slowly.
  6. Our characters are not transferred to Christ, but our liabilities are; and in our acceptance of God’s mode of transference, we make the complete by which we are absolved from all guilt, and enter into a state of ‘no condemnation.’
  7. The work of Christ for us is the object of faith; the Spirit’s work in us is that which produces this faith.
  8. Christ crucified is to be the burden of our preaching, and the substance of our belief, from first to last.
  9. The faith that knits us to him makes us partakers of His resurrection-life.
  10. Christ ‘for us’ is our justification. ‘Christ in us’ is our holiness.

Echo the Prayer

Please pray for The Voice of the Martyrs. This organization was established to assist the persecuted church in anyway they can. You can check out their website at

Echo the Word

1 Cor. 15:10, “But by the grace of God I am what I am…”

The grace of God is what empowers us to accomplish his purpose for our lives. One of the talents God has given to me is writing. With that being said, I have three simple purposes for this blog.

(1) It’s all about Jesus.

I want everything that is written in this blog to point to Jesus. I want my life to be all about Jesus. Nothing else compares to him. I mess up, I fall, I fail, and he continues to love me through it all. He loved me enough to die for me and that is worth spending the rest of my life writing about.

(2)  It’s All For Jesus.

Not only do I want to point to Jesus, I want him to be glorified in what I write. I want to be faithful to his word, regardless of who reads these posts and who follows me. I want God to be exalted and lifted high and receive the glory that he alone deserves.

(3)  You Are Important.

I may not know you. Maybe we have never met and on this side of heaven, we never will. Yet, I know that God wants us to love our neighbor and it is essential to live that out. This, of course, is where you come in.

Yea, we might not know each other personally or we might even be the best of friends. We might not agree with each other on a lot of points and we might never even meet face to face in this life. As much as I want to share this blog with people, I realize that not everyone has time to read blogs. So, if you are reading this, thank you. If you follow the blog, thank you. You are important to me and you are important to Jesus.

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