Jesus changed my life (connie’s story)

This is a guest post from Connie and how Jesus changed her life…

I was raised Catholic, so I believed in God, but I had no CLUE that I could talk with Him. I thought He was always angry with me, and at best simply tolerated me at times, and was so angry with me the rest of the time. Through a series of events I got involved with the occult, had nightmares for nearly 40 years, and lived in tremendous fear. For a time I was in such fear I would go to bed at night with a loaded pistol under my pillow and cradling a loaded rifle in my arms. I had been molested, raped, homeless, and had lost a child in a car accident. I was a broken, beaten woman with very little hope.

I still remember the day November 22, 1982. I was living in Phoenix, Arizona with our three children, while my husband was working in Florida. It was during that time, I was going through the worst times in my life.  I had just gotten ANOTHER phone call with a bad report and I did not know what to do.

Allow me to provide some background information first. The previous year, while living in Elk Grove, CA, a couple that were friends of ours had a little girl the same age as my little girls, and sometimes the Mama and I would do things together with our children. And so I KNEW they were GOOD people, that they were CHRISTIAN, and that they read their Bible. One day she mentioned something about tithing, and quoted the Word on it. That’s all it was….very simple, and short. But it STRUCK me, somehow.

So now fast-forward a year later and I’m in Phoenix, and had just gotten that bad phone call. I was crying so hard… know how you cry SO hard that you can hardly even BREATHE and you’re just a hot MESS? That was me. And then there was a knock at my front door! That was at 10:00am in the morning.

I quickly wiped away some of my tears as best I could and answered the door. There was a beautiful Mexican woman at my door, Bernadette Florez Gonzales, and she had a HUGE DISPLAY BIBLE under her arm (which instantly alerted me that she was a Christian, that she was good, and that I could TRUST her, because I INSTANTLY remembered my friends from Elk Grove and the “word” about tithing a year ago! Even though that scripture had nothing to do with salvation, it was STILL the Word of God, which does NOT return void, but ACCOMPLISHED what it was sent forth to do! That’s why I quote Scripture so much….it’s POWERFUL!). And Bernadette says to me, “Hi. My name is Bernadette Gonzales, and I live just across the street there (and she pointed to her home) and I was praying and reading my Bible, and the Holy Spirit told me to come on over to your house, that something was wrong. Is everything all right?”

I wailed, “Nooooo, ….c’mon in” and was crying. Now I REMEMBERED the scripture quote from my friends from Elk Grove a year previous, and now INSTANTLY TRUSTED and BELIEVED Bernadette. And 10 minutes later. 10:10 in the morning, November 22, 1982, I was on my knees, in my living room, receiving Jesus Christ as my Savior and as the Lord of my life!!!! That was the beginning of my beautiful, miraculous and loving journey with my Jesus! I have since been a missionary to the Philippines for 8 years, a missionary in Mexico for 4 months, chaplain, minister, and a handmaiden of the Most High God! The Lord has used me to lead in excess of 60,000 to the Lord, He has used me as one who believes in healing and He has healed hundreds as I prayed for them, He has used me to deliver folks from demonic strongholds, and He has used me in worship! What a God!!!!!

Thank You Lord, for my salvation, for Your tremendous love and faithfulness. I again surrender myself to You, consecrate myself to You, and completely give myself to You. I love you, my sweet Jesus, with all that I am! Thank You for loving me, for Your faithfulness, and for ALL that You have done for me and are doing for me and will do for me! I love You!


One thought on “Jesus changed my life (connie’s story)

  1. Powerful testimony! I love it when God puts people in our paths at just the right time so they can speak to our hearts. My husband and I were blessed to have a pastor and his wife move in next door to us years ago and invite us to church. For the first time I learned about Jesus, how He loved me, would forgive me and had a plan for my life. My life was forever changed and I am forever grateful to my Lord and Savior. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!

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