life verse (2) seven characteristics of a godly woman

I enjoy writing; hence, I have a blog. Well, I also have a forthcoming book so I guess one could assume I really enjoy writing. It’s a gift, it’s a passion. That being said, I find myself often writing about things that I know about and topics that interest me.

I find as I write, there is a degree of simplicity and authenticity. I like that. However, as a writer I know that the goal isn’t to live within the box I have for myself but I need to grow and I need to challenge myself. That’s why I am taking this opportunity to write about something that is going to stretch and challenge me. What I’d like to share is 7 Characteristics of a Godly Woman.

i. A woman of beauty. (1 Peter 3:3-4)

Being beautiful is rooted in seeking God and his righteousness. Pursuing Christ is the essential element in any believer’s life. Beauty, which is often a central focus in the relationship, is revealed not in the outward appearance but in the character of the woman.

ii. A woman of virtue. (Prov. 31:10-12)

Although hard to find, is worth more than anything this world can offer because through that woman, man finds favor with God. She has the strength to discipline herself to seek after God. Out of this virtue, a man finds a woman he can trust, a woman who blesses his life, and a woman who brings him nothing but goodness.

iii. A woman of service. (Prov. 31:13-16)

She is willing to do work for the sake of her family. She is willing to find what is needed to support the family. Family comes first.

iv. A woman of ethics. (Prov. 31:17-24)

She is a hard worker and from this work, she is able to serve others. It is from her working and her ethics and commitment to that work, she is able to serve both the needs of her family and the needs of the poor.

v. A woman of wisdom. (Prov. 31:25-27)

A godly woman has wisdom from the Lord. She is able to work and therefore provide; she is able to purchase and to sell; she is able to make financial decisions and her strength is reflected in the way she deals with others. She is able to provide sound advice and guidance to those in need.

vi. A woman of honor. (Prov. 31:28-29)

A godly woman has children who are willing to be a blessing to her and a husband who will speak (praise) her for her acts of kindness and generosity.

vii. A woman of devotion (Prov. 31:30-31)

A godly woman is known by her fear (respect) of the Lord. It is this virtue for which she should be praised and she should have her deeds known. It is through her fear of the Lord and her pursuit of him that all her fruits come forth. She is not the root, but rather the branch. Her strength is not in herself but rather, the Lord.

What I would like to say to those woman who are striving to be more Christ like.

To those of you who are single mothers trying to figure out life and raise your child or children, Jesus is with you. He is your strength and he will never fail you. His love will carry you thru every storm you face.

To those who are married and have an unbelieving husband, stay strong in Christ. You may not see what’s going on in his heart but as you continue to remain faithful-to God and to your husband, God is working out his plan.

To those of you, who are married and are in a healthy, godly relationship, continue to live in peace and unity with your husband. As you live together and raise your children (if you have them) know that God is by your side. Keep Jesus at the center of your marriage and live lives that are honoring to him.

To those of you who are single and looking, let the love of Christ comfort your heart. Never settle for anyone who doesn’t give you the respect and honor you deserve as a daughter of God. Remember who you are in Christ always.

Keep praying, keep trusting, keep seeking; you are worth it!

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